Share seeds, plant clippings and equipment with friends and family

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Gardening costs can add up, so it's great to share costs where possible. Most seed packets come with many more seeds than the average gardener needs, so share and trade seeds with gardening buddies or family and friends. Do the same with plant clippings from each other's gardens. The same can hold true for gardening equipment also - borrowing and lending carefully can reduce costs for everyone. Check out or to share plants with people in your area.

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User Comments

posted by gloria.smith (Contributor | 151 Points) on 03-08-2010 02:02 AM
It is good to pool in money and buy seeds, plants or tools with friends and family
Everymonth, I tend to team up with a couple of friends and go to the store and buy only what we need and rotate it zmong us. This saves money and time
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