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Read the very best advice on how to save money on your housing expenses. Whether buying, refinancing, or renting your living space find great tips for cutting costs and getting more for your money. Search for the best mortgage rates, take advantage of the latest government programs and tax credits, and learn the most effective negotiation strategies.


  • Buy Your First Home in a Year
    Liz Pulliam Weston at "If you're thinking of buying your first home, it helps to have a game plan."
  • Can You Negotiate Your Rent?
    Barbara Corcoran on TODAY: "As vacancy rates climb to record highs across the country, now is the best time to negotiate with your landlord to get the best deal."
  • Paying Points on Your Mortgage
    Ryan Minick & Steve DeLon at "Do you know what it means to 'pay points' on a mortgage? We explain what discount and origination points really are. We'll also give you a few scenarios in which you may have to pay points on your next [...]
  • Making Home Affordable Refinance
    Ryan Minick & Steve DeLon at "Are you currently upside down in your home mortgage? Could life be a little easier with a lower interest rate and mortgage payment? The Making Home Affordable Refinance was created to allow you the [...]
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