Look to cut out box spring costs

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Mattresses and box springs (the foundation or base unit for the mattress) are designed to work as one - and they will be cheaper if purchased together. Low-profile box springs can also be found for those preferring a lower bed height. But before buying a new box spring, check your current one. If it is still in good shape, a new one might not be necessary (if the salesperson tells you it will void the warranty, do your own verification to be sure). Another great-value mattress is known as an all-in-one, where no additional box spring is required. These beds often have a frame with wooden slats to hold the mattress in place. It will often save space and delivery charges as well. If you need a bed frame, stick with a basic one since you don't get anything special with a more expensive model. Buy one that requires assembly, from a store like IKEA, to save even more.

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