Buying a mattress is one of the most complicated and confusing purchases. We have the very best advice on how to find mattress discounts. Get a deal on a new mattress and learn how to be a smart shopper.


  • Best time to buy a mattress: May
    Retailers get new models in May and are often looking to clear out old ones, so this can be an especially good time to buy. A lot of people have found that Memorial Day weekend is a particularly good mattress shopping holiday. But don't feel like [...]
  • Hold out for a big discount (50% or more)
    Mattress prices are usually marked up significantly by the retailer, so you should be looking for a pretty steep discount from "retail" price. Aim for 50% off at a minimum. 70-80% might be possible on an older model. If a store seems very willing to [...]
  • How to out-negotiate the salesperson when buying a mattress
    You're the one planning to shell out big bucks for a mattress, so you have the upper hand in any negotiation. Use it!

    First, shop around. Visit several stores, try out several mattresses, and make a note of the ones you like (including [...]
  • Find discount mattresses online
    The Internet can be a gold mine for discount mattresses, and is a great way to quickly price shop across hundreds of options. While you'll still want to try to get to a store to check for comfort, consider making the final purchase online. To [...]
  • Check the options at your warehouse club
    Warehouse clubs like Costco only carry a narrow range of products in each category. Their merchandise buyers carefully select the items that they believe offer the best value combination of price and quality. This lack of variety can be frustrating [...]
  • Look to cut out box spring costs
    Mattresses and box springs (the foundation or base unit for the mattress) are designed to work as one - and they will be cheaper if purchased together. Low-profile box springs can also be found for those preferring a lower bed height. But before [...]
  • Get a good warranty & trial period
    Make sure you can have a chance to try the mattress out, which the store should let you do for 30, 60 or 90 days. Give it a little while for a fair test, but if ultimately you are not comfortable, take it back. For the long haul, aim for a [...]
  • Don't sacrifice mattress comfort for savings
    Most people spend a third of their lives in their beds, so is it imperative to buy something comfortable. Narrow your options down to ones that offer better value. Then, try out several mattresses for at least five minutes each - in comfortable [...]
  • Buy your own protection
    A mattress protector has many uses: add a layer of comfort, absorb moisture, protect against allergens, and so on. It can also help guard the mattress from rips, dirt and stains which might void your warranty. But don't pay an exorbitant price to [...]
  • Don't worry about firmness ratings and coil count
    Firmness is a matter of personal preference, not a scientific study. Go with what feels right. And coil count is overrated. As long as the count is higher than 390 for a queen mattress you'll be fine.
  • Don't spend on fancy threads
    Higher end fabrics like silk & cashmere feel great in your clothes, but they are just not worth the expense in a mattress. By the time you cover your mattresses with sheets and a pillow, you won't be able to feel the small amount of better fabric [...]
  • Check the edge support
    For an innerspring mattress (as opposed to a foam one) check its edge support. Look for heavier supports there and ones that extend all the way to the edge of the mattress. This will help resist sags and breakdowns which can affect the entire feel [...]
  • Make your own cheap memory foam mattress
    A regular Tempur-Pedic foam mattress can run $2,000-3,000 or more. If you want the comfort of foam without the hefty price tag, build your own. Buy a basic innerspring mattress (no need to splurge on a pricey one, just something that feels [...]
  • Care for your mattress, so it lasts longer
    In addition to buying a mattress protector, remember to vacuum the mattress regularly to get rid of dust, dander and dust mites. Use the upholstery attachment on the end of the vacuum cleaner. This is especially important for those with [...]
  • Don't throw away a dirty mattress
    Dirt and soil can be removed from a mattress with upholstery shampoo, or mild detergent and water. Apply the soap suds to the soiled area with a warm sponge, scrub and then wipe clean. When washing, be careful not to let the interior padding of the [...]
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