Know your stuff? Skip the contractors to save 25%+ on remodels

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Contractors’ fees can add thousands of dollars to a project. If a project can be completed with the help of family and friends or a local handyman, you can save up to 25% on a remodel. However, you sacrifice expertise and a lot of time this way, so be sure you can adequately manage the project yourself. Contractors can also at times get better prices than you can on your own, offsetting some of their costs (though some aggressive shopping around between you and your handyman can yield similar or better savings). Ultimately the job should get done better, and faster, with a contractor's help to manage the project, but you will save dough on your own.

If you need a local contractor, try searching Google for your city and state, plus the type of contractor.  For example, for an electrician in Howell, NJ, try Howell NJ electrician.  Check online for reviews, just remember that reviews on free websites are sometimes fake so make sure you base your decision on more than one. Angie's List offers a paid service for contractor reviews which should be more dependable.
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