Build up and in, instead of out

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Foundation work is very expensive, so, large outward additions to a house equal an expensive remodel. And these typically don't offer a great payback (maybe 50-70%) when you resell. Think about ways of remodeling by making use of the space you already have. For example: - Convert an attic or basement into a family room or bedroom, rather than building an extra room onto the house - Convert or combine spare rooms for a different purpose, such as a home office or master suite - Remove the wall between your kitchen and dining rooms to create an eat-in kitchen - Convert a closet into an extra bathroom In fact, as a rule of thumb, it's better to invest in freeing up usable/functional space in your home, than trying to add on new space. If there's no more space to be found, then consider building upward rather than outward – it will still be cheaper.

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