Join the club: earn free travel by joining frequent traveler clubs

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Airlines, car rental agencies and hotels all have them. While it might take a while to earn free flights/cars/nights, it’s still free to join and requires very little effort.

Once you've signed up, just remember to give your frequent traveler number every time you book or check-in, and keep an eye on when points will expire. If you are in danger or losing your accrued miles, consider cashing in for smaller rewards (such as gift cards, upgrades or similar), or contacting the company directly. Often, talking to the company directly and mentioning future travel you may be booking is enough to extend the expiration date on points.

Visit Frequent Flier for a list of frequent flier programs with airlines, hotels, car rentals companies and credit cards. Sign up in advance online to take advantage of enrollment bonuses and snag coupons that you can often use right away. If you forget, you can usually sign up during your trip and still get credit.

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