Book during cruise lines' "sale days" to get the best cruise bargains

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Though they seem to pop-up all the time, seemingly unpredictably, you can actually plan for sales on cruises to score a discounted cabin. Some of the major cruise lines typically stick to a schedule (it makes it easier for them to plan as well this way). For example: 
  • Carnival traditionally has a one-day sale every Wednesday.
  • Celebrity and Royal Caribbean usually have a one-day sale every Tuesday.
  • Holland America and Norwegian usually have weekly sales.
Booking during these sales periods can offer considerable savings on cruise fare. Of course, if you have been tracking prices and see a fantastic deal pop up on another day of the week you should still jump on it. But if prices have been holding steady you should wait for the sale day, hope that it includes your cruise, and be ready to pounce on a discount!

As a rule of thumb, $100 per person per day is a good price benchmark to target for a typical cruise (can be much more for exotic destinations or more luxurious cabins). A family of four taking one 5-day cruise every year can expect to pay around $2,000. An extra 10% discount from the special cruise-line sales can be worth $200 in annual savings!

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