Find a discount cruise and save money on on-board expenses. Check out the very best resources for finding cruise deals and discovering the best times and places to travel for less.


  • How to Get the Best Cruise Prices
    Bob Levinstein at "While many people think of cruising as a high-end luxury that only the very well-off can afford, its actually one of the most affordable vacation options out there."
  • How Cruise Prices Work #1: Cruise Line Strategies
    Bob Levinstein at "A cruise vacation is a significant purchase, so it can pay to take a little time to understand how cruise lines think when it comes to pricing."
  • How Cruise Prices Work #2: Travel Agent Secrets
    Bob Levinstein at "Understand the behind-the-scenes secrets that go into how travel agents and agencies set the prices they charge for cruises to you can learn how to get the best cruise rates."
  • How to Save Money Onboard Your Cruise
    Bob Levinstein at "Getting a great deal when you book your cruise is just the start. Learn how to save money onboard and in port with these tips for saving money during your cruise."
  • When Should You Cruise for the Best Prices
    Bob Levinstein at "Learn how seasonal factors influence cruise demand and prices, and the best times to cruise to save money."
  • Book Your Cruise Early Or Book It Late
    Bob Levinstein at "The best cruise deals are usually found by booking either well in advance of the sailing or through booking a last-minute cruise. Learn when it's to your advantage to book your cruise early or book it late."
  • Cruise Fare Guide
    Dan Ilves at "How much will a cruise vacation cost? And more."
  • Researching and Booking a Cruise
    Dan Ilves at "How can I get discounts on my cruise? And more."
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