Avoid in-room movies and snacks in hotel rooms to avoid surprisingly high fees

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Although the snack bar or mini bar in the hotel fridge may look tempting - avoid it! These goods are usually two or three times more expensive than they should be – or even than they might be just down the hall in a vending machine or downstairs in the hotel lobby. Hotels bank on tempting guests by making these items convenient, and sometimes even the little bottles of water in the hotel room can cost $5 or $10! Also, in-room movies are very expensive and often tack on a premium fee (similar to room service), so if you are really interested in a movie, consider a local theatre or just take advantage of the free hotel cable, which often includes premium channels. If you tapped the mini bar already try a local supermarket or convenience store to see if they sell the items so you can replenish the stock before you leave, and potentially avoid the charges.

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