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How to Save Money on a Hotel Stay

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Save on this computer tips for saving money on hotel stays

A LOZO expert read this article and found it helpful for saving money.
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  • Compare booking engines against the hotels’ own websites. Look for coupons and promo codes online or through credit card companies, banks and reward programs.
  • If you find a lower rate somewhere other than through the hotel directly, call the hotel to see if they will match the price. That allows you to book directly and benefit from reservation policies that are often more flexible than through online travel sites. Booking directly often also garners you more loyalty program points or similar rewards.
  • As with all travel categories, being flexible with dates can mean big savings. Sometimes hotels are full because of conventions or special events, or many have only have premium-priced rooms left. Arriving a few days earlier or later could mean much cheaper hotel rates. Also, many tourist destinations are more expensive on weekends. For example: [...]
  • Many hotels try to fill up more expensive rooms first. Sometimes just asking for a cheaper rate is enough to get you one. Even after you've secured the best rate, don't forget to ask for additional reductions on the price, like AAA, senior, government or military discounts.
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