Take advantage of Amtrak’s free baggage service

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With all of the negative attention airlines are getting for their stringent and expensive baggage policies, it's easy to forget this great benefit of train travel. As of Summer 2010, Amtrak allows travelers to check three bags -- up to 150 pounds of luggage -- free of charge, and another 3 bags for a modest $10 each (read more about their policy here).

Similar to airlines, you drop your bags off at the departure station and pick them up at your destination. This is often much easier than trying to carry all your bags on the train. Amtrak also offers free baggage insurance in the unlikely event your bags are damaged or lost.

While you have to observe the usual restrictions on prohibited items, this can be a nice and cheap way of lugging big packages to your destination instead of hefty shipping charges.

A LOZO expert posted this tip.

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