Keep the fridge and freezer full to conserve energy

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Did you know that the freezer functions best when it's close to full? This is true for both deep freezers and regular ones. If your freezer has a lot of empty space, it has to work harder to keep the food cold. As a goal, try to keep the freezer at least 2/3 full.

So what if you don't have enough food to fill up the space? You can start by adding items that might benefit from freezing in order to last longer, such as loaves of bread. This way you save money by cutting back on food waste, while also reducing energy costs. If you still have room, fill a few empty plastic bottles with water--try empty milk gallons, 2-liter or 1-liter soda bottles, or standard-size water bottles. Keep them nearly full (about 2/3 of the way) to allow room for expansion as the water freezes. In fact, you can even freeze milk to preserve it longer. You can mix and match in order to best fill the freezer up, so choose whatever items works best for you. These will help the freezer run more efficiently and, in a pinch, you can chop up the ice blocks for a party.

Another benefit of keeping the freezer full? If there is a power outage, the water-filled bottles now serve as ice packs to help keep your food from spoiling.

Refrigerators can similarly benefit from filling up, except that you should leave enough room between items for air to circulate. You can use the same technique of filling empty bottles with water. Plus this gives you quick access to refreshing cold water when you want it, saving the cost of buying chilled bottles at the store.

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