Cable/Satellite TV Bill

Get the LOZO on saving money on your cable or satellite TV expenses. We'll help you cut costs by cutting out the services you don't need and teach you negotiation tactics to get your provider to lower your monthly bill.

Don't know where to start? Check out our quick guide on How to Save Money Every Month


  • Cancel (or don't get) a cable or satellite service
    We know this may be crazy talk, but canceling your cable or satellite service will certainly save you a lot of money each month (and that's why we're here).

    With more ways to view TV shows and movies online for free or at a very low price, [...]
  • Bundle services for lower prices
    Many companies offer package deals if you get your phone, cable TV and/or internet services from them. Since they're getting more value out of you as a customer, they're willing to reduce the cost of the bundled services to give you a better price [...]
  • Comparison shop before signing up with a cable or satellite TV provider
    First, visit the websites of all the cable and satellite providers in your area. Comcast, DirecTV and Dish Network, for example, all have robust descriptions and lists of products, programming packages and features available, as well as current [...]
  • Consider equipment and installation costs
    The next step after comparison shopping is to evaluate the cost of installation and equipment since that can substantially increase (or decrease) the initial cost; for example, the cost of buying and installing satellite dishes and receivers. Look [...]
  • Learn the pros & cons of cable vs. satellite
    To make an informed decision, learn the pros and cons about cable versus satellite. To get started, read the article, Comparison of Cable and Satellite Television.
  • For satellite, research buying direct or via third party
    With satellite TV, you can buy directly from the provider (such as Dish Network or DirecTV) or you can buy from a third party dealer. It's best to research both since third party providers will sometimes offer deals that beat the price of buying [...]
  • Shop around periodically
    Even after you've signed up with a cable or satellite provider, continue to look for better deals in your area. If you find a better deal, move to that plan or contact your current provider to see if they'll meet the better rate. Take into [...]
  • Scale back your current cable or satellite plan
    Review your current cable bill to see if you're paying for services or channels that you don't use. If so, contact your provider to see how you can scale back your plan and cut down your monthly bill. Also, be creative in your assessment. If you're [...]
  • Cancel HD and save money
    You could save as much as $20/month by eliminating High Definition from your cable or satellite bill. The picture won't be as crisp without HD, but your bill won't be as high either. If you don't want to give up HD altogether, consider downgrading [...]
  • Go for quality, not quantity
    There's no sense in getting a million channels if you only watch 50. Even if it's a "great deal", why pay an extra $10 (or more) each month for channels you don't watch?
  • Avoid Pay Per View
    Ordering just a couple Pay Per View items each month adds up. $3 here and there may not seem like much, but if you order 3 a month, that's $108/year! Instead, look for a lower monthly plan that gives you those same movies and shows.
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