Stay cool for less, with a fan

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For a small investment, a fan can save you big money on air conditioning each and every month.

Ceiling fans are an extremely efficient way to cool a house. They help circulate air, moving cooler air around a house or apartment, thereby decreasing the need for air conditioning. They also use less energy than air conditioning. According to the U.S. Department of Energy a ceiling fan will let you raise the thermostat (or allow the temperature to rise) by 4 degrees while staying just as cool. With a potential cost savings of up to 12% (3% per degree) and the typical bill for air conditioning of around $100/month, this is a $12/month cost savings or about $50 for each summer!

For standing or desk fans in summer, place one in the shady side of the house to blow cooler air in to warmer areas, and another pointed somewhat towards an open window on the other side to let warm air out.

In winter, blades can be reversed to help draw cool air up and warm air down, helping to warm a room, too.

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