Use a fireplace to keep warm

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A fireplace is an effective and frugal way to heat a house in winter. You can often find wood for free on or buy it cheaply elsewhere. If it won't completely heat the house, it will at least supplement the electric or gas heating. Just remember to keep the damper closed when you are not using it, and turn off the heat when you are.

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posted by cyndilouwhoo (Contributor | 110 Points) on 07-19-2010 09:58 AM
Who are Lozo's "experts?" It may not be a well known fact but using a standard open masonry fireplace (the kind in 99% of homes) is one of the worst and least energy efficient ways to heat a home. Understand that as cheery as a fire is on a frosty night most of the warm air going up the chimney--including any heat pumped into the house by a furnace, wasting both renewable and non-renewable energy. If heating your home with wood holds appeal, consider installing a fireplace insert. Understand though that this is not cheap, with the average cost of between $2 and $4K. Recommending a standard fireplace to heat a room (as this "tip" suggests) is just plain foolish.
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