Water Bill

Save money on your annual water bill by following this collection of the best advice. Plus, you'll be helping the environment as you save money!

And don't stop at your water bill... check out our guide to saving money every month by lowering your other monthly bills!


  • Water Saving Tips list of more than 50 tips for saving water, grouped by "in the bathroom", "in the kitchen", "lawns and gardens" and more
  • Shower Water and Energy Use Calculator calculator for determining the actual cost of showers in terms of both water and energy, based on average shower time and water cost per gallon
  • H2O Calculator survey tool to calculate water and energy usage based on number of people in the home and types of energy used
  • Water Consumption Calculator calculator to determine where and how much water is used in the household, based on number of people and frequency of use
  • Leaking Water Calculator calculator to determine how much water is wasted on a leaky faucet based on drips per minute
  • Shower Savings Guide calculation and chart of how much water is used, and the cost (about 1 cent per two minutes) based on various shower lengths
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