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  • You've probably seen offers that look something like this: 20% off $25 in merchandise OR 30% off $40, OR 40% off $60. The industry term for this is a "tiered offer" since you have...

  • Unit price is an important way of comparing the effective cost of different package sizes. Generally speaking, the lower the unit price, the better the deal, and larger packages...
  • The best baby guidebooks will save you way more than their cover price. A popular example is Baby Bargains. Consumer Reports has the Best Baby Products book as well. These are loaded with product...

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  • Babies grow fast! Buy onesies and other baby clothes in a variety of sizes, and only buy a few things in each size (enough to get you to the next wash, with a couple extras to spare in case of "messy" emergencies). Chances are the baby will grow out of the clothes after wearing them just a few times.

  • Every month, savvy shoppers who have the LOZO score great bargains on groceries from You can find popular brands along with a wide selection of organic, gluten-free, and other speciality foods.  The secret to big savings is to triple-up on the discounts Amazon offers: Buy items on sale, always take the 15% Subscribe & Save [...]
  • Many supermarkets and drugstores have "baby clubs" that earn you special rewards after a certain set of purchases. While it's not usually worthwhile to buy just for the rewards, why not get bonuses for what you are spending anyway. Track your progress on your receipts and when you get close to a threshold beware of any expiration dates (check the [...]
  • With these simple money-savings tips, you'll never pay full price for an online purchase again!
  • Samples are great not just because they are free, but they also help you tell what your child will happily use without having to buy products that end up going to waste. Your pediatrician’s office often will have samples of formula or baby food. If you don't see any, ask the nurse or receptionist and oftentimes they may have a forgotten stash [...]