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Learn how to save money on packaged goods at the supermarket. Get the LOZO on cutting costs on canned vegetables, beans, soup and more. Read how to properly store items and how long they last, so you can stock up on sales without wasting money on spoiled goods.

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  • Unit price is an important way of comparing the effective cost of different package sizes. Generally speaking, the lower the unit price, the better the deal, and larger packages...
  • Check the grocer's freezer aisle for more options when shopping for canned goods. Many manufacturers also offer a frozen version of their fruits and vegetables, which could save you even more. The...
  • The store's brand is a great substitute for many canned and boxed items. Generically-labeled vegetables, beans and pasta are often produced by the same manufacturer as their "name" brand...

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  • Every month, savvy shoppers who have the LOZO score great bargains on groceries from You can find popular brands along with a wide selection of organic, gluten-free, and other speciality foods.  The secret to big savings is to triple-up on the discounts Amazon offers: Buy items on sale, always take the 15% Subscribe & Save [...]
  • Learn how to use digital grocery coupons to save $1,000 every single year!
  • Fruits and vegetables in the produce section are always healthier and fresher than what is available in cans and freezer bags. Save money by seeking out what is "in season" where you live. Use this handy link to see what is good to buy right now.
  • Like with most items, the unit price for canned goods is a more accurate indicator of overall cost than the price tag. Unit prices are listed to the left of the actual price and these can be used to compare different items or the same item in different sizes (learn how). It isn't always frugal to buy the large size even though it seems you are [...]
  • Some canned and packaged goods (e.g. beans, rice, spices) are available in more than one section of the supermarket. Look down the "ethnic" food aisle in your store to compare the price of imported goods to the famous brands. Double check the ingredients, but prepare to be pleasantly surprised with large discounts on some items that you already [...]