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Timing is everything when it comes to produce

Fruit and vegetable prices will change throughout the year due to seasonality and location. By buying fruit that's "in season" in your area, you'll save money and get the freshest...

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  • Not all letters can be mailed for the regular 49 cent first class rate, however using two 49 cent stamps without knowing the actual rate is just wasting money.  What to do?  Use the USPS tool to easily calculate actual postage rates.

    For example, a regular two-ounce letter costs [...]
  • Did you know that the freezer functions best when it's close to full? This is true for both deep freezers and regular ones. If your freezer has a lot of empty space, it has to work harder to keep the food cold. As a goal, try to keep the freezer at least 2/3 full.

    So what if you don't have enough food to fill up the space? You can start by [...]
  • Many people know that it's a good idea to read reviews before buying, especially in the ever-changing world of electronics. They help you understand the pros & cons of a particular item and give you an overall sense of what's available. The problem is figuring out which reviews to trust.LOZO recommends these sites to help you [...]
  • Being flexible with dates can save lots of money in all aspects of travel, and sometimes just a couple of hours difference in flight times can yield savings of $100 or more. Compare prices a few days before and after your ideal date – many online companies and travel sites let you automatically compare prices within a few days – and you might [...]

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  • hosts a guide from Allure magazine that covers the best available generic beauty products. Find out what the experts say are the best buys at Walmart, Sephora, Ulta and more.
  • The official LOZO step-by-step guide to getting the best price on a car rental. Follow these steps to rent for less.

  • Every month, savvy shoppers who have the LOZO score great bargains on groceries from You can find popular brands along with a wide selection of organic, gluten-free, and other speciality foods.  The secret to big savings is to triple-up on the discounts Amazon offers: Buy items on sale, always take the 15% Subscribe & Save [...]
  • Parents, grandparents, children, grandkids, second cousins once removed…when the whole family gets together for a big holiday shindig, chances are someone’s gotta travel. And, since it's a holiday, chances are that prices will be a heck of a lot higher than the rest of the year.

    This guide will give you all the best info to help you [...]