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LOZO has the best money saving advice and resources for finding discounts on all kinds of travel: cheap flights, discount hotels, cruise deals, and more. We have the LOZO on how to save every time you travel, whether it's a short commute to work or a vacation with the whole family.





  • Being flexible with dates can save lots of money in all aspects of travel, and sometimes just a couple of hours difference in flight times can yield savings of $100 or more. Compare prices a few days...
  • Oftentimes you get a better rate and more flexible terms (such as for refunds and changes) when you book travel directly with the provider. But other times you can benefit from the price protections...
  • Coupons can be found almost anywhere. Before booking any trip, look online and in newspapers and magazines for coupons and promotional codes. Check your email – especially if you subscribe to any...
  • Discounted travel is often available to students, seniors, AAA members, military, government employees, corporate partners, union members and veterans. If you fit in to any of those categories –...

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