Eating at home is usually cheaper than eating out, but you can still save money when going out to your favorite restaurants. Get the LOZO on how to save on fast food, and even get discounts on gourmet dining.





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  • One of our more popular tips is how to be a smart shopper. We recommend not paying the prices listed on the site, but instead using a coupon code for 60%, 70%, 80% or even 90% off and...
  • Restaurant coupons can be found everywhere: online, in newspapers, in the mail. Focus on going to restaurants where you have coupons; you might find some new favorite places this way. If don't...
  • Restaurants love to encourage repeat business. Many now have loyalty clubs or cards, where you get points for each dollar you spend, or a stamp each time you order a certain drink or sandwich. These...

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  • If you're dining in a group, and some of the meals come with extras like soup or salad, a drink, and dessert, it's time to team up. Match up the extras with the people who were going to order them separately anyway, so you avoid extra charges. For example, suppose Person A's meal comes with a drink, but they only want water. Person B was planning [...]
  • Most restaurant desserts are generally overpriced. Make it a habit for yourself, and for all of your family meals, that you can celebrate with dessert at home after the meal. Pick up some ice cream at the grocery store, or cook up some baked goods before you leave so you can enjoy them when you return.
  • Most restaurants are busiest on the weekends, and also tend to be the most expensive then. Look for specials for certain days of the week. For example, Texas Roadhouse offers a selection of $7.99 dinners Mondays though Thursdays. For big chains you can usually find these specials posted on their website. For other restaurants, just call and [...]
  • Many restaurants, especially family-style places, offer special discounts for kids under 12, and seniors over 55. Some restaurants even have special nights where kids eat free with the purchase of an adult entrée. Do some research before heading out and you can save $10 per child. Don't forget to check out early-bird specials, targeted at [...]