Build a great home gym on the cheap

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A few simple investments at the local discount store like Walmart or Target are all you need to get started on a fitness routine. Here's are some simple ideas to get you started:
  • an exercise mat, which is great for stretches and sit-ups, and provides some cushioning against the hard ground.
  • a fitness ball is great for crunches and improves posture if you use it as a desk chair.
  • a weighted or regular jump rope is great for cardiovascular health, and only costs a few dollars.
  • a few fitness DVDs or a Wii Fit game for cardio
  • dumbbells for weight training
Voila, instant affordable home gym!  It'll cost less than a building a full-scale home gym and even less than a gym membership.  Of course, if you want to go for something more robust for your home gym, check out our tips on how to find cheap fitness equipment.

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