Save money while riding the train. Learn how to find discount train tickets and cut your commuting or vacation travel costs. Sign up for frequent traveler rewards and get discounts for your current memberships and affiliations.




  • If you are a frequent rail traveler, or plan to do a lot of traveling during a specific time period, buy a rail pass or multi-trip ticket. These offer huge discounts off of regular point-to-point...
  • Even on rail travel, it is often much cheaper to buy a round-trip ticket than two one-way tickets. And traveling overnight can save both in cheaper fares (since it is a less popular time to travel)...
  • Amtrak regularly offers sales on specific routes that can add up to even 90% off regular price! Sales vary by location and travel date, so check back frequently. Weekly specials are valid for sales...
  • Train travel is often cheaper in the spring and fall, over the more popular and more expensive summer & winter holiday times. Traveling in late spring and early fall – during daylight savings time...

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