Utility Bills

There are lots of ways to save on the bills you pay every month. Find the very best strategies for cutting back on electricity costs, saving on oil and gas, getting discounts on your cable or satellite bill, and more.

We have the LOZO on how to save without having to give up whatever luxuries or necessities are most important to you.

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  • Use the same company for cable, telephone and internet access. Often bundling these services together is more economical than paying for them separately. About $100 per month (before taxes and...
  • A home energy or utility audit is a great way to assess energy usage in your home to see where improvements can be made. It will reveal the efficiency of home heating and cooling systems, uncover any...
  • Inspect the duct work and insulation throughout the home to check for leaks. Look for holes in ducts, and for sections that should be joined but have separated. Look for dirty insulation, which is a...
  • Most utility companies will offer discounts if you use them for both gas and electricity, plus you'll get the added convenience of only having to deal with one bill each month.

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  • Never wait until the last minute to pay a bill. Late fees can add up if utility companies do not receive a payment on time. If mailing a check, keep it mind it can take a week to get there. See if your utility company will accept credit card payments over the phone or online payments. You'll save a stamp each month and be sure your payment gets in [...]
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