Gas & Oil

Learn how to cut back on your natural gas and/or heating oil usage. Find the very best ways to help the environment while lowering your monthly bills.

You can also get the LOZO on how to save on Electricity. If you are looking to save money on gas for your automobile, check out our Gasoline category.





  • Keeping the house at a constant temperature is a good way to maximize savings on heating costs. Turning it up or down too much means it will just have to work harder to get the house back to the...
  • Small, insulating door sweeps installed on the of bottom doors can help hold heat in a room or heating zone. This is especially important for outside doors to keep the cold weather out. They are easy...
  • A great way to save on heating costs is to keep doors to unused rooms closed. This way the heater won't work to unnecessarily heat rooms that are not in use. Likewise, where possible, close the vents...
  • Generally speaking, as the price of oil rises and falls, so does the price of heating oil. Some companies adjust prices accordingly, while others ask customers to lock in a rate before winter starts....

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